New logo and businesscard

Submitted by on Thu, 01.08.2013 - 16:36

New logo and businesscard realized for a company in the persian carpets sells. We will realize the e-commerce website as well. It should be ready within september, before the starting of the "Fiera del levante" exibition in Bari, Italy from 14 to 22 which our customer will attend.

Importance Of S.E.O.

on Sat, 11.05.2013 - 06:54

Internet is a powerful tool that allows anyone to promote their products and services around the world and at any time. Thanks to a website anyone can acquire their own web identity carving out a niche in the market that can guarantee a certain business in the face of a visibility plan and promote well-planned. A website to make traffic must necessarily be visible on the major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Msn who together hold 90% of world traffic which uses a search engine.

Being at the top engine is now of paramount importance.