Brochures and leaflets creation

"Originality and expertise"

The brochure is an effective marketing tool very useful to present the product that a company is about to launch on the market or to express his ideas and future projects. The brochures are also used in large quantities by non-profit organizations to raise funds. There are many other reasons why this "booklet" is printed, but whatever the reason, if you want to create a brochure for your company in a professional and attractive way, it must possess the following characteristics:
Express originality and creativity
The first step in designing a brochure for your company should be aware of what information we should express in it. You may use advertising material of other activities similar to yours, the sector they belong to, find out what appeals to you, write down the main points that you think will help in designing a brochure suited to your business. The most important thing will be to get ideas from various sources and do not copy! So, try to use our creativity in the design of a brochure and always be original is our goal.

Having high-resolution images
If you want to get a professional layout for a brochure, then you should focus your attention on choosing the right high-resolution images. We think nobody here wants the brochures to be blurry or pixelated and damage the image of your company or brand. The images should be at least 300 dpi, you can provide them by yourself or buy them on internet. In this second case, most of them have little cost, so as to avoid you overshot your budget.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
The design and creation of a brochure will be the key to attract the audience! So, in this sense, we prefer to have a clean and simple design that will look even more elegant than other projects that are filled with a lot of images and text decorations! Here you should follow the rule of "less is more ....". The brochure should also be rather short and mention only the main points.

Use eye-catching colors
The colors must be managed according to the theme and vision of what you are trying to express in the brochure. You should therefore "see" the brochure with different colors but, on the other hand, some brochures that have been designed just black and white, seem to be even more stylish! But the question is that no matter how many or what colors you will use in design, but only the wise to present them in the best way.

Use clean fonts
In a brochure you mention a huge amount of information about your business in a small piece of paper and, therefore, you should use clean and legible fonts. This does not mean that you have to use too simple and not very attractive fonts: there are many serif font, for example, that are both clean and smart! Diversity is always a good thing, but not in the selection of fonts. We will not to use more than 3 fonts in a brochure in order not to distract the attention of readers.

Highlight is the key
There should always be some goals behind printing a brochure for your company: in this case, you should use several styles such as bold or italics to make them important and distinguish them from other elements on the page. If, for example, your company has a particular motto, you can enter it on the page where it can be more visible to others with ease. Things like that can make a big difference in the magnificence of your brochure!

Use a proofreader
After working hard on the design of all the most necessary things for the brochure, it would be a mockery if the brochure presented spelling errors, design flaws and incorrect information about your company! To avoid this unpleasant situation, we outsource the job to a professional proofreader, which should be the most professional and independent as possible. However, we re-read over and over again whit you what we have written, especially before to print it out.
Using a professional printer
The last step in the design of a brochure is its print, which also represents a significant and crucial step to achieve an attractive design. You can use the printer in a printing office or contact professional printers. But everything will depend on your budget: if you have a large budget, you can use a professional for this purpose, but if you have a low budget you can do this in your home or office.