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2013 DIGITAL AGE. "When we need to find an activity or product (demand) where suddenly we verify the existence and satisfaction? On the Web "

Today, the Web is undoubtedly the most used source of information prior to the decision to purchase a product. For this reason, this analysis is of great help if you want to study the satisfaction among your own range of market and the interests of consumers /customers (demand).
Through specific supports, the ΑΩ is able to perform qualitative analyzes of research that are carried out using the web consumers, by providing information and statistical outputs useful to know:

  • Seasonality: In order to anticipate demand, plan campaigns, establish your budget and define launch plans.
  • Geographical Distribution: discover where to find customers. Identify in which regions and cities intensifies the search volume.
  • Web Searching: identify key words  included in the Web related to the product / service.