Static Website

Static Website

What do we mean by static website?

The static websites, commonly referred to "showcase sites" are those websites that do not change in the graphics and content until they are changed through the intervention of the web master.

If you want to change your static website you need to have knowledge in the creation of HTML pages. A static page will always acts in the same way until its code it is changed with a text editor or through a visual editor for HTML.

Advantages: to create a static website involves the costs are considerably lower compared to a dynamic website; also, static pages are lighter than dynamic pages, and is more easy to optimize the website for the search engines.

Disadvantages: A static website does not support good interaction with users, it is not possible to create forums, chat, guestbook, mailing list, search form, e-commerce, information request forms or to send data via email, user registration ect. Without a basic knowledge of creating HTML pages, you have to request the assistance of a web master to change the pages of your site.