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The website is a critical communication tool for any company.

It is increasingly important to use the opportunities offered by the network to promote and introduce their business.

Communicate over the internet means you can reach millions of potential customers. Much of the trade is based on communication.

Let us see then what are the advantages of a business website and why it is important to have one.

A website is a communication tool that needs to be as effective as possible, sending a clear and immediate message to the user. It must make easily accessible the basic informations on your business. What are the opening hours? What do you do? How can I contact you? Where are you located? Looking for collaborators? What do you sell? These are just some of the questions that a website can answer.

Customers search for you on Google
The statistics on the use of search engines are clear, the 83% of people that access the Internet uses search engines to find information in anticipation of a purchase. Having a website means that you can be found and contacted by these people.

Prospects are informed
On the Internet, customers feel free: they can inform and deepen the services and the offerings of your company in the full anonymity, without any personal contact and by not issuing private information, able to evaluate and compare the various companies that offer the service or the products that they are searching for.

The domain, a trademark
An e-mail address that matches the address of your website is a method of simple and effective way to advertise in your website. A potential customer, a supplier or a partner who receives an email from the company, at the same time receives the coordinates to reach your business website. Minimum effort, maximum results ...

The competitors
The competitors, more or less young and more or less professional, still earns instant credibility possessing a well-organized website. Potential customers will buy with more ease and speed from those competitors, if your company does not have a web site.

The website before the flyers
We should also have a website first and then get publicity through flyers. In this way the company will be able to invite whoever reads your ad to visit the website to get more information.

The e-commerce, a new sales channel
Thanks to new systems of e-commerce any product or service business can be easily sold on the network at any time and/or quantity, through transactions executed safely from any computer in the world connected to the web. The e-commerce as a sales channel fast and secure, open 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

Keep in touch with customers
Through the website, interested customers can subscribe to the newsletter or RSS feeds. This allows you to keep contact, advising for updates, new products, special offers, events and so on. Thanks to new technologies of Web 2.0 companies can engage users of their sites to ask for comments, suggestions and impressions on the purchased products or those of new production. In this way you will not need expensive market research.